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Foundry United Methodist Church                                                                                            Choir Director

Position Description




Plan and direct a comprehensive music program and ministry that will support and enhance the ministries of the church.                                                                       



  1. Organize and supervise an Adult Choir.

  2. Direct the Adult choir at the 11:00 a.m. Traditional Sunday service, and all special religious holiday services.

  3. Develop and maintain a proactive choir building program.

  4. Design and implement the music program of the church in consultation with the pastor and the Worship Team.  Supervise the execution of this program throughout the church year.  Propose Annual Choir budget to the Finance Committee.

  5. Attend all Worship Committee and Staff meetings.  If unable to attend, schedule a qualified representative of the Music Department to represent the Choir Director.

  6. Delegate responsibilities when absence prevents participation in a performance.

  7. Consult with the Pastor when there are significant changes in the scheduling.

  8. Carry out other such music related duties as directed by the Pastor.

  9. Comply with the direction of the Pastor towards accomplishment of the goals of Foundry United Methodist Church.

  10. Read, sign, and comply with the Foundry United Methodist Church Child Protection Policy.

  11. Work in conjunction with the members of the Worship Team in the sound/projection booth.



A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Music is preferred.  Equivalent experience will be considered.


Immediate supervisor is the Pastor.  Reports to the Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee for purposes of job performance, intra-Church relationships, financial arrangements, vacations and other matters related to the positon.  Works closely with the Pastor, the Worship Committee, the Worship Team and maintains liaison with other functional units within the Church.  Supervises the activities of the Organist/Pianist.



Required attendance at all church services involving the Music Department in any capacity. Required attendance at all practices/rehearsals of the choirs for which this position holds responsibility (these are delineated above under Duties and Responsibilities). It is understood that this position does have duties that are able to be completed at home such as arrangement of music, etc.



$16,000.00—paid monthly and set yearly through annual budget



October 2019

Foundry has returned to onsite worship Sundays at 11 AM! We're also continuing online worship for anyone who isn't comfortable returning to the building for any reason. 


       We've recorded a couple of videos welcoming you back to onsite worship:

- Welcome to onsite worship at Foundry:

- What you need to know if you're attending onsite worship:


If you're worshipping online, you can check out a pre-recorded service at 9 AM or worship

with us live on Facebook, YouTube and Zoom! You can still call in to Zoom by

dialing 1.646.558.8656, entering Meeting ID 962 436 766 and Password 334214.


And, whether you're worshipping with us online or onsite, subscribe to our YouTube

channel to make sure you don't miss any important updates:

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